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Introducing LinkedList

LinkedList Welcome Image

So I think it’s been over a year since I’ve written anything here, but I have a cool side project I’d love to share with you.

Over the last few months my friend Gilad and I teamed up to build LinkedList.

So what is LinkedList? LinkedList is a social bookmarking tool that allows users to share only links with their followers or bookmark them for future reading. In short: it helps you create and find lists of links.

It is inspired by Twitter’s following system, trending hashtags, reposts, and real time ability with Reddit and Product Hunt’s upvoting and ability to sort links by relevance. I mean these ideas aren’t new, but we think they play really nicely together. It’s an excellent way to save things you love all over the internet, but share them in not just a feed, but a feed sortable by hotness, points, or time.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed HypeMachine, ProductHunt, or HackerNews and wanted to have to have your own, now you can.

So on LinkedList, the only way to add content is to post the only thing you can post: a link. All links must be tagged, and you can tag them either publicly or privately (in case you have things you don’t want anyone to see or be able to search).

Your tags operate like collections of links, where you can chose to organize and save links by topics so people can choose to either follow you, or just a couple of the tags of yours that interest them. If you want to save something publically use a #hashtag if you want to save something privately use a *startag. In addition, the tags also operate as trending tags, so you can search a tag like #tech in the search bar and see all that is trending around #tech in the world today or just follow @yourfriend#tech. If you like something you see, give it an upvote.

LinkedList is designed so that if you and I post the same link and we both get five upvotes each, the link will display a total of ten, so don’t worry about how many upvotes you’re getting on links - the score is reflective of the number of upvotes that link has received throughout the platform.

We allow users to sort by whether they’ve read something or not, whether they posted it or their followers posted, and whether a link is popular like Reddit or new like Twitter. All together we hope it makes LinkedList more than a bookmarking tool, but your favorite place to collect and share links and news throughout the internet.

As time goes on, we look forward to adding more features and trying to make our users happy and excited to check LinkedList for news every day. We want to build a community of people sharing interesting things bringing it together in a way which is easy to use, relevant, and most importantly fun. We hope that one day #tech can be one of your favorite places for tech news and #music can be a place to find top tracks.

We’re so excited about LinkedList, and know that even though this is a lot, we just want to say hi, tell us a bit about who we are, and are looking forward to seeing you on LinkedList! Come pickup an invite to LinkedList and tell us what you think!